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Signs Your Elderly Relative Needs A Home Health Aide

Signs Your Elderly Relative Needs A Home Health Aide

Cooking Mishaps

If you notice scorched pans, oven mitts or dish towels in the individual’s kitchen, it may be because he or she keeps forgetting there’s something on the stove. This kind of forgetfulness can be a safety hazard and may indicate the elder needs someone to come in to make simple meals for them. Another sign the individual may need help with meals is loss of weight. The elder may not feel well enough to cook or may forget to eat altogether. A home health aide’s visits can ensure that they are getting sufficient nutrition every day.

Neglect of Personal Grooming

Small details like wearing rumpled clothing, forgetting to shower and not paying attention to hair can mean that the elderly person needs a bit of reminding about these tasks. In some cases, the individual may not be able to move their arms or shoulders sufficiently to do these tasks. A home health aide can be helpful in assisting with grooming tasks so that the aging person can maintain their pride and dignity.

Need For Transportation

Many elders must give up driving because of vision problems or other medical issues. However, they still have the need to get to stores, doctor’s appointments, hair salons and other local stops, and may not want to bother busy family members. A home health aide can provide safe, convenient transportation for elders for these errands and provide companionship at the same time.

Social Isolation

Another problem that may affect elderly relatives is social isolation. Many elders can’t get out on their own easily. They may have mobility issues, heart problems or other medical problems that discourage the social engagement they may have previously enjoyed. A home health aide can escort them to friends’ houses, clubs, the local coffee house or other places where their friends may gather. This regular social interaction can be critical to maintaining physical and mental health. In addition, a home health aide can provide companionship for conversation, playing cards or other activities when the elder can’t leave the house because of bad weather or illness.

Many cities and towns have home health aide agencies that can provide the additional care busy families may need for their elderly members. They offer a range of services that can make a safer and happier home environment for your aging relative.


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