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Residential or Day Habilitation

Residential or Day Habilitation

Residential or Day Habilitation

Genacta aims to help each client reach his or her potential!

Remaining independent while receiving care is extremely important to the individuals for whom we provide care. With Genacta In Home Care’s residential and day habilitation services, we address the specific needs of each individual with the aim of helping each client reach his or her potential while retaining a strong sense of independence and self-worth.

Residential Habilitation:

Our residential habilitation services give loved ones the opportunity to acquire or advance their skills at home in the areas of:

  •     Self-Advocacy
  •     Communication
  •     Mobility
  •     Self-Care and More

Day Habilitation:

Enrichment and social activities outside of the home are very important for mental health. As part of our day habilitation program, Genacta In-Home Care’s staff plans and coordinates outings that suit a person’s particular interests and abilities. We believe in helping each of our clients live life to the fullest!

For more information about our residential and day habilitation services and how we can assist your loved one, contact us today.

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging & disabled individuals and their families.