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Alaska’s Best In-Home Care Provider Creates Safety for the Disabled

Alaska’s Best In-Home Care Provider Creates Safety for the Disabled

Alaska’s Best In-Home Care Provider Creates Safety for the Disabled

There’s no place like home! Maintaining independence is important for people with disabilities, and being able to receive care in the home can help a person stay as independent as possible. Home care agencies like Genacta In-Home Care provide free in-home safety assessments to discover how to improve the home for daily living. Simple home modifications such as grab bars in the bathroom or more complex modifications such as lowering a counter for better wheelchair access can make daily activities safer as well as more comfortable.  Here are a few other ways Genacta In-Home care can help a person with a disability maintain independence:

Exercise and activity are important for maintaining the best health. The caregivers at Genacta In-Home Care can devise and implement an exercise and activity plan in coordination with the care recipient’s physician.

A home care agency can prepare nutritious and tasty meals for care recipients, taking into account any dietary restrictions or considerations while educating on how to maintain a proper diet. The benefit of living in Alaska is having access to a great variety of healthy fish options, farmers markets, and organic food options.

If the disabled person cannot drive or needs supervision when on outings, having a home care agency available to accompany a person on public transportation, run errands or provide transportation to social events and fun day outings can greatly enhance care at home, allowing respite for family caregivers and mental stimulation for care recipients.

Some individuals with disabilities may need some help at home in order to live safely and independently day to day. If you have a loved one in Alaska in need of care assistance, contact Genacta In-Home Care at 907-644-7952 or 888-644-7952 to learn more about our services.

Genacta provides Alaska’s Best In-Home Care provider for seniors and mentally or physically disabled individuals. Our list of services include Intellectual Development Disability, Care Coordination and Case Management, Dementia Care, Alzheimer Care, In-Home Health Care, Group Home Services, In-Home Supported Living, Residential Care, Respite Care and Supported Employment. We are conveniently located in Anchorage, Alaska; Wasilla Alaska and Soldotna Alaska.

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